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What can we do if fruit or vegetable iron deficiency ?

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Iron is a component of chlorophyll, fruiting and leafy vegetables, iron, new leaves and buds of yellow, green residues only along the veins, leaf thinning, usually without browning, necrosis. Tomato leaf base also appears pale yellow spots. Iron deficiency chlorosis between veins leaves vegetables, to the development of the entire white or yellowish leaves. So how to prevent iron deficiency fruits of it,  Xiaobian summarized as follows:

(1) soil on calcareous soils, since the soil is alkaline, very prone to iron deficiency, especially in the case of excessive use of phosphate fertilizer, phosphorus and iron combine to form insoluble iron phosphate, is also very prone to iron deficiency. The soil is dry or too wet, root absorption function decline, but also make the absorption of iron hindered reducing soil pH, improve soil ability to supply iron, sulfur powder administered acidic substance in alkaline soil, reduce soil pH, increasing the effective iron sex. Organic fertilizer materials, iron chelation to improve the effectiveness of iron by organic matter.

(2) administration of iron fertilizer, mainly ferrous sulfate and ferrous ammonium sulfate and urea iron fertilizer. Spraying pesticide concentration of 0.2% -0.5%, iron fertilizer urea concentration of 0.5% -1.0%.

(3) high pH soils, low-lying, easy to measure water block, using drainage ditch, Takakuro cultivation and other measures to reduce the impact of bicarbonate of iron.

(4) Different Foliar spraying can be combined, while adding 0.05% urea when spraying can significantly improve efficiency.

(5) as basal fertilizer with aftereffect longer, micronutrient fertilizer spraying should grow each administered once in the seedling stage and transferred from vegetative growth to reproductive, and must be uniform when fertilizer to avoid excessive local concentration high toxic. It can be administered in combination with a large number of elements or organic fertilizer mixed.
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