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How to identify water-soluble fertilizer

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First the naked eye. Liquid water soluble fertilizers clear and transparent, no impurities, in the purchase of a bottle can be suspended upside down to see if there are flocks or other insoluble materials, etc., need to be cautious to buy this product.

The second is weighed. By industry standards, each product has a minimum requirement of nutrient contents in the liquid of each type of water-soluble fertilizer nutrients to g / L as a unit, meaning that the quality of nutrients contained in the unit volume, the greater the value, the same volume of liquid product more severe, the greater the proportion of the proportion of qualified amino acid, humic acid and organic water-soluble fertilizer liquid fertilizer is generally 1.25 or more (ie, 1L weighs in at 1.25kg or more), large, medium and trace element liquid fertilizer mostly in the proportion of 1.35 or more (ie, 1L weighs in at 1.35kg or more).

Third, odor discrimination. High-water-soluble liquid fertilizer no obvious odor, water-soluble fertilizer such as Germany opens new land after no obvious smell, some just a little ammonia odor, odor similar to ammonia gas scavenging from lack of toilets, no Flayer of "opium fish "and other pungent odor eye irritation. If there are other pungent odor is added to the other ingredients.

Fourth freezing test. Frozen liquid water-soluble fertilizer such as day and night in the refrigerator no stratification, crystallization, compared with high-quality fertilizer. Those layered crystalline product is not a good choice of raw materials and control the production process caused by the low quality.

Fifth test strip. Detecting liquid water-soluble fertilizer pH value of its pH, high levels of near neutral or slightly acidic with a pH value weakly alkaline paper, some small plants appear relatively low technology strong acids or bases.
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