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Corn fertilizer requirement characteristics and principles of fertilization

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Corn is high water and fertilizer amount of high-yield crops need fertilizer, the implementation of balanced fertilization technology, is to play an important measure to sharply increase production of corn. For every 100 kg of maize from the soil to absorb about 2.22-4.24 kg N, the average amount of 2.57 kg; P (p2o5) 1-1.5 kg; potassium (k2o) 1.52-4.00 kg, the average amount of 2.14 kg, higher yield NPK absorbed by sowing.

Maize is very sensitive to nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and manure in the distribution on the basis of in the range of 3-10 kg of urea per acre, 1 kg of urea can yield 6-11 kg of maize. Maize and less phosphorus, but not missing, missing phosphorus-leaf stage, will lead to a future empty stalk baldness. Corn crop is happy zinc, applying zinc fertilizer, an increase of about 15%. Corn fertilization principle is the basis of organic fertilizer, heavy nitrogen, phosphorus fertilizer suitable, increasing potassium fertilizer Fertilizers. Using manure and phosphorus, potassium fertilizer base fertilizer mix cooperation, nitrogen-based fertilizer to. Spring Corn should light after former fertilizer and maize should be after the former light heavy.
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