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Relations with calcium & plant

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The amount of elemental calcium absorption CaCl2, CaSO4 and other salts of calcium ions from the soil in plants physiological functions of plants. Calcium ions into a portion of the plant is still ionic state, that part of the formation of insoluble salts (such as calcium oxalate), and part of the organic matter (such as phytic acid, pectin acid, protein) combined. Calcium in plants are mainly located in the old old leaves or other tissues.

Calcium is between plant cell wall lamella pectin calcium component, therefore, calcium, cell division can not be or can not be completed, and the formation of multinucleated cells. Calcium ions can be used as between a protein and phosphatide phosphate bridge linking the carboxy group, it has the effect of stabilizing membrane structure.

Calcium Fertilizers Plant Disease have a role. According to reports, at least 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables physiological diseases are caused by low calcium. Apple scab causes fruit peel hurt, but if adequate supply of calcium is easy to form callus. Calcium oxalate plants in vivo formation of calcium oxalate crystals, eliminating excess oxalate plants (especially some high acid content of succulents) poisoning. Calcium is also an activator of some enzymes, such as by an enzyme, phospholipase hydrolytic enzyme reactions catalyzed hydrolysis of ATP requires the involvement of calcium ions.

Cytoplasmic Ca2 + in the presence of a variety of special binding capacity of calcium-binding protein (calciumbindingproteins, CBP), in which the distribution in the cell is the most calmodulin (Calmodulin, CaM). Ca2 + and Ca2 + -CaM CaM to form a composite body having a messenger function in plants, can extracellular information into intracellular information to start, adjust or halt some physiological and biochemical processes within cells.

Early calcium buds, leaves pale green, then tip the typical hook, followed by necrosis. Calcium is difficult to move, the element can not easily be reused, so deficiency symptoms first in the upper leaves young stems, such as when calcium cabbage leaf brown.
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