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Scientific use of foliar

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The main goal is to foliar spray to increase production, improve quality and enhance the resistance, so the purpose of soil and crop characteristics when using foliar first clear use, not blindly.

Foliar nutrients largely insufficient to make up for soil fertilization or crop nutrient balance, or a crop growth stages to ease temporary shortage. Some foliar growth regulators containing certain substances, growth regulators no nutritional characteristics, just adjust the absorption of nutrients, distribution and operation of photosynthetic products trends, so the choice of foliage should be targeted. Generally it believed that under basal fertilizer shortage, can use nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium-based foliar fertilizer; when sufficient basal fertilizer, trace element-based alternative to foliar; may also vary according to the needs of the crop selection contains some foliar growth regulators. Foliar present a wide range of complex components, but the content of the component have a greater randomness, often contain several dozen or even elemental composition, but not the more the better element types. In fact, the elements of the crop is targeted, some elements of the crop there is no effect and may even produce poison. The effects of fertilizer on crops lack of theoretical basis and adequate field trials. It must be emphasized that foliar formulation to science, foliar application should be targeted.
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