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NPK 15-8-15 Compound Fertilizer Granule

NPK 15-8-15 Compound Fertilizer Granule

Chemical characteristics Physical characteristicsPackaging
Nitrogen: 15 %(N)Physical State: Granule·9.5/25/50 kg bag /As your request
Phosphorus: 8 %(P2O5)Size: 2-5mm·Jumbo Bag
Potassium: 15%(K2O)Appearance: White / Offwhite·In bulk (No Packing Bag)

NPK 15-8-15 is a concentrated compound fertilizer. It can be used directly for soil fertilization. It is available for most of economic crops such as vegetables, flowers, fruit trees in each growth period . It's special good for the fruits like apple,cherry,pear,grape,persimmon,etc. It can provide comprehensive nutrient element for crops.

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