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NPK 14-23-14 Compound Fertilizer Granule

NPK 14-23-14 Compound Fertilizer Granule

Chemical characteristics Physical characteristicsPackaging
Nitrogen: 14 %(N)Physical State: Granule·9.5 /25/ 50 kg bag /as your request
Phosphorus: 23 %(P2O5)Size: 2-5mm ·ton bag
Potassium: 14%(K2O)Appearance: White / offwhite ·In bulk ( No Package bag)

NPK 14-23-14 is a concentrated compound fertilizer. It can be used directly for soil fertilization. It is available for most of economic crops such as vegetables, flowers, fruit trees in each growth period .It's special good for the cauliflower . It can provide comprehensive nutrient element for crops.

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