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The meaning of symbols on fertilizer bags

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On fertilizer bags have some symbols, a correct understanding of these symbols, we can more clearly understand the chemistry and nutrient content of fertilizers, thereby leading to rational use of science.

Typically, N fertilizer bags on, P2O5, K2O, respectively, nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium hydroxide, under which the number refers to its percentage in the fertilizer, for example, upstream writing N, P2O5, K2O, downlink write 20-20-0, it means that every 100 kg of fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide of 20 kg, while potassium content is zero, that is not such a potassium fertilizer.

These symbols also indicate the type of fertilizer containing both called binary compound of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium three elements called NPK fertilizer, which contains only two elements, which contains only one element called a single fertilizer. K2O back on some fertilizer bags marked with (S) words, this means that the potassium fertilizer is potassium sulfate; if the latter bears the K2O (CL) word, it means that the fertilizer is potassium chloride.

In addition, some fertilizer manufacturers according to different crops differences nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium requirement to produce only certain crops or certain crops, fertilizer use, called special fertilizer, fertilizer such as rice, soybean fertilizer, etc., production should be based on the use of pigeon crop names on the fertilizer bags marked.
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