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Several major benefits of fertilizer deep

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According to tests, nitrogen utilization by deep Shi Houping are 30% to 40%, P and K deep application can reduce the loss of wind erosion, promote crop absorption, prolong fertilizer, increase production rate is generally up to 5% to 15%.

Fertilizer deep

Can be divided into the following three categories: base fertilizer base fertilizer deep placement deep two ways: First, after the first plowing manure spreaders; second side edge plowing plow the fertilizer applied to the trench. In the second method is better. Requirements fertilization depth 6 cm width fertilizer 3 to 5 cm, a uniform continuous row of fat, no broken bars.

Types of fat deep application

Types of fertilizer deep application requirements kinds of fertilizer can be formed between a certain thickness, usually 3 cm or more, in order to meet the nutrient needs of the crop seedling growth, to avoid burning seed, seedling burning phenomenon.

Fertilizer deep application
Fertilizer deep application is from both sides of the line between the crop rows 10 to 20 cm, take a small ditch or open holes method, a depth of 6 to 10 cm, the bandwidth of fat more than 3 cm, covering soil after fertilization attention.
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