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Variety selection of potash fertilizer demand "four to see"

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First, look at soil conditions, soil sulfur deficiency should be used potassium sulfate; saline should be administered potassium sulfate, potassium chloride should not be chosen in order to avoid an increase in chloride ion content of the soil.

Second, look at the type of crop to chlorine-sensitive crops such as tobacco, potato, sweet potato, sugar cane, tea, citrus and other potassium should be selected. For hi sulfur crops such as onion and garlic and other vegetables also should be used in potassium.

Third, look at the price of fertilizer potassium chloride price than expensive, so in addition to special reasons and requirements, under normal circumstances should try to use potassium chloride.

Fourth,to see irrigation irrigated or rainy areas, as long as the soil with good drainage conditions, most crops can be selected potassium chloride, will not adversely affect the yield and variety.
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