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Using fertilization to anti cucumber deformity

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Cucumber cause deformity factor in agricultural production are many, but the main factor is inappropriate fertilization. How scientific and effective fertilization is the most effective means of preventing cucumber deformity. Control the proportion of fertilizer, the right amount of moderation and post-fertilization is the key to control of cucumber deformity.

Therefore, cucumber fertilization process to control the fertilizer ratio. The proportion of cucumbers need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, seedling of 4.5: 1: 5.5, containing fruit stage was 2.5: 1: 3.7, the ratio is greater than nitrogen and potassium phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium requirement is greater than Therefore K administration can not be ignored. Secondly, excessive fertilization, soil salinity concentration is high, hindering cucumber absorb water and nutrients. This not only affects cucumber plant growth and fruiting deformity. Therefore, cucumber fertilization to moderate, generally produce 1000 kg per kg cucumbers need N2.8-3.2, P2O51.2-1.8 kg, K2O3.6-4.4 kg. This same time, pay attention to post-fertilization. With cucumber harvest, we continue to consume nutrients needed stability and long nutrient supply, if the latter neglect dressing, cucumber and premature aging due to lack of fertilizer, effectively shortening the harvest period, production fell cucumber, melons and other deformities and increased bending melon. In order to ensure the needs of post-nutrients, usually after planting cucumber dressing required 8-10 times, but also with Organic Fertilizer.
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