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compound fertilizer's reasonable application methods

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1, due to the soil because crop selection fertilizer varieties.

General field crops can be used nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer, legumes phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer should be used, certain crops can choose three elements or elements with the local soil and climate have to adapt to Hefei material.

2, compound fertilizer should be elemental Fertilizer.

Compound Fertilizer content of nutrients is fixed, in order to better fulfill its stimulation effect, it should be administered with a single fertilizers, in order to adjust the different needs at different growth stages of the crop nutrient. Usually the initial fertilizer for crop growth base fertilizer, elemental fertilizer top dressing to do, Shi yu critical period of crop growth, to gain high yield.

3, for the fertilizer characteristics, to take the appropriate fertilization methods.
Different Compound Fertilizer of nutrients contained in the ratio of five-pointed star shape is different, should be treated differently, such as ammonia-nitrogen compound fertilizer should be applied empty casing, reducing nutrient losses; compound fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium should focus on administration, applied to the roots nearby, so both to avoid nutrients being fixed, and easy to absorb crop utilization of expensive potassium dihydrogen phosphate, are generally not as basal fertilizer and suitable for foliar application.
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