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Fertilizer is a key election of Corn planting

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Corn is high-yield crops, need a large amount of fertilizer, fertilizer must be reasonable in order to meet the needs of the entire corn growing period nutrient. According to tests, to produce 100 kg of maize seed, need 2.5 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus need 1 kg, 2.1 kg of potassium needed. If the yield of 500 kilograms of maize, 33 kg urea mu need about 50 kilograms or ammonium nitrate, superphosphate 31 kg, 13 kg of potassium sulfate. Three stages of corn growth, the number of different fertilizer requirement ratio, seedling 2% of the total fertilizer requirement, heading stage, 85% of the grains accounting for 13%. Corn from jointing to the mouth of a large loudspeaker, fertilizer requirement is the peak period, so that fertilization rational fertilization, namely base fertilizer, seed fertilizer, fertilizer combined; nitrogen, phosphate and potash combined; agricultural fertilizer, fertilizer, bio-fertilizer combination. Foot base fertilizer should be applied, which is the basis, the general Mushi decomposition of organic fertilizer 2000 kg, phosphorus pentoxide, 7.5 kg, 5.5 kg base fertilizer potash.

In the base fertilizer, seed fertilizer was applied level is not high, poor soil fertility conditions, planting late varieties plots in corn 6-7 leaf stage, top dressing, about 15 kg urea mu chase, chase more than 15 cm deep, improve fertilizer utilization; base fertilizer, seed fertilizer was applied to the high level of land, acres of urea to recover 10 kg. Corn fertilizer to an early stage, in front of one method of dressing, the back trip, a trip to the dressing and to combine; second is to dig pits with picks, catch more than 15 cm deep; when dressing, fertilizer and bio-fertilizer combination to promote good root system development, under normal circumstances, recovery of urea mu 10-15 kg, 1 kg plus bio-fertilizer, can promote early maturity corn. Filling in the heading stage, mu 0.25 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.5 kg of urea, watered 50 kg, foliar spray, can prevent bald, lack of grain, increase production and improve quality. Organic food maize, can not use chemical fertilizer is best to use fermented organic fertilizer, base fertilizer, top dressing with cake fertilizer, fertilizer smooth and long-lasting, better than chemical fertilizers, and potential long, but when dressing, cake crop seedlings to maintain an appropriate distance, to avoid heat generated during fermentation cake fertilizer burn seedlings.
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