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The reaction of potassium chloride applied in different soils

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(1) in acid soils. Potassium chloride and potassium sulfate are physiological acidic fertilizer. Potassium ions are absorbed by crops or soil colloids adsorbed chloride ions and hydrogen ions in the soil colloids generate hydrochloric acid (HCl), to strengthen the soil acidity, which increases the activity of soil aluminum, iron solubility, increased toxic effects on crops. So many long-term administration of potassium chloride, but also pay attention to organic fertilizer or lime to reduce soil acidity.

(2) in calcareous soil, soil residual chloride and calcium ions combine to form larger solubility of calcium chloride (CaCl2), in well-drained soil, rain or irrigation water can drain away; drought or poor drainage areas, will increase the chloride ion concentration in soil, crop growth and unfavorable, so this area should control the amount of potassium chloride or ammonium chloride.
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